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„Today, we research information on practically everything online. But what about when it comes to interesting jobs?
That’s an un-tapped territory. That’s exactly what Job Messenger makes possible. Starting today, candidates can directly contact the HR assistant responsible for the job opening and get all the necessary information first-hand.
At the same time, recruiters no longer miss out on qualified candidates due to drop-off.“

For recruiters

Never miss a candidate.

Too few applications and hardly any qualified candidates? We’ve all been there more or less. In times of skill shortages and countless bottlenecks, how do you look for new solutions? Job Messenger is your fast track to the ideal candidate – direct, fast and simple. Give applicants a positive impression of your company and leave a persuasive business card: use Job Messenger. Never miss a candidate.

Direct communication

Leave a persuasive business card directly with the applicant.

Dialogue in real time

Shorten the time to hire by reacting quickly to applicants’ questions.

Group chat

Easily include all contact persons involved in a group chat – minimise decision times.

Job Messenger

Simple integration

Just clip the HTML button where you need it – on a careers website or any job site of your choice.

Set questions and answers

Create templates and process different enquiries simultaneously.

Mailing of documents

Are you interested? All application documents can be sent directly from the candidate to you via Job Messenger!


For candidates

The first move is yours.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply send out a message and receive all the relevant information on your dream job quickly, directly and personally? Just to get a feel on whether it is the right position for you or not, or whether applying is really worth your time? This is precisely why we developed Job Messenger: for you! Keep a lookout for the Job Messenger button, just tap on it and immediately start a conversation about your future career. After all, your most important job is the next one. Job Messenger is available now – the first move is yours.

Job Messenger
Job Messenger

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